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Drawing on contemporary critical social theories and diverse methodologies, contributors to the collection, who are established and emerging scholars from the Americas, Europe, and Asia/Pacific, open up discussions about what a critical youth studies can contribute to community, policy and academic debates about these challenges and opportunities.

Murdoch stated that performing this split would "unlock the true value of both companies and their distinct assets, enabling investors to benefit from the separate strategic opportunities resulting from more focused management of each division." The move also came in the wake of a series of scandals that had damaged the reputation of the company's publishing operations in the United Kingdom.

This lecture will describe the outcomes from Ulster University’s Northern Ireland Childhood Errors of Refraction (NICER) Study, the largest prospective study of myopia prevalence and progression in school age children in the UK and Ireland.

The NICER Study has demonstrated that myopia prevalence in childhood has more than doubled in the past 50 years and that myopia is occurring at a younger age than previously thought.

As part of the 21 Century Exploration Road Map initiative (21CXRM) and in collaboration with the 21CXRM Technical Advisory Committee, the OGA has awarded two contracts for petroleum system related studies for both the East Shetland Platform and South West Approaches areas. The projects in the East Shetland Platform have been awarded to FROGTECH (lot 1) and IGI Ltd (lot 2).

The South West Approaches projects have been awarded to Getech (lot 1) and BGS (lot 2).

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