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55/30Close Catch up with the bakers of 2015 to hear the highs and lows of their journey, where are they now and how the show changed their lives.

Meanwhile, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood share their memories from the series.

3) Jonathan Schmitz agreed to appear on the 1990s US chat show The Jenny Jones Show to meet his secret admirer.

But he went into a rage when he discovered that the person who had a crush on him was a male acquaintance, Scott Amedure. The victim's family sued Warner Bros, the programme makers, and were awarded £15 million after the jury found the studio negligent.

At the very least, those on reality TV are made to sit through marathon interviews picking apart the nuances of their behavior and its motivation.

Never have I seen a situation that naturally fits this format as well as that of Showtime's currently airing .

1) Ralf Panitz was convicted of murdering his ex-wife after they clashed in a typically tempestuous episode of The Jerry Springer Show which aired in 2000.

During the programme, titled Secret Mistresses, Panitz and his new partner accused Nancy Campbell-Panitz of stalking them.

We've taken a moment to reflect on 17 of the niche romantic reality TV series that captured our hearts and captivated our minds (likely, for all the wrong reasons). Five women stood by as a conveyor belt of hot guys passed them (no, I'm not kidding).

It works not just as the freak show that we've come to expect from reality TV, but also on a political level.

The slippery slope anti-equality argument stating that if gays are allowed to marry, then soon we'll have to allow multiple partners to as well, is bullshit not just for side-stepping the issue – if you believe in the fundamental principle of sexual equality, that it doesn't matter what people do in their bedrooms as long as they aren't hurting others, there is no legitimate ethical argument against the kind of configurations you see presented on .

Prioritizing personality over looks, covered the faces of the 20 bachelors one lucky woman was to choose from.

The masks helped ensure that the bachelorette would make her decision based on internal beauty instead of relying on external attraction, but viewers never got to see who she picked because the show was cancelled after five episodes. Who knew she ventured into the world of romantic reality TV?

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