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It's no surprise that Silicon Valley in California remains the world's largest start-up ecosystem, with the best access to financial capital, and the longest average working day of 9.95 hours.Tel Aviv, Israel comes in second, with similar levels of capital, but a tendency to develop products for smaller markets.But it's the lesser-known tech hotspots creeping onto the list that may surprise you.

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At the beginning of each lecture, the teacher would silence the pre-class chit chat and take attendance, but on that particular day he was occupied with another task in the first couple minutes of class.As a response, the national government announced plans to overhaul of the surface transport using a “complete street” approach to bus corridors throughout Santiago de Chile.One of the first corridors to implement new design concepts and participatory planning is Alameda Boulevard, the most emblematic corridor of the city and the country.Chile's capital and largest city is located in a valley between the Andes and the Chilean Coastal Range.Its colonial history and current bohemian culture mean this diverse city is great for expats that want everything.

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