I am dating a recovering alcoholic

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To be codependent doesn't mean alcoholism has to be a factor.A definition of codependency in its simplest form is: These patterns and characteristics of codependency in relationships were put together by CODA (Co-Dependents Anonymous).I feel I owe it to the people I work with in therapy, and others who may be in similar circumstances, to assist with educating the public about narcissistic abuse, so that people can be informed and aware of how to protect themselves in the event they encounter people with narcissistic traits.The following is an attempt at a primer on such individuals.

To those outside Institute subculture, the term “defraud” brings to mind a financial scam, but, for decades, the Institute’s operational definition of “defraud” has loaded the term with ambiguous sexual connotations.My blog served as a great personal development tool to make changes in my life and continues to do so today: If you are at a low point in your life, I encourage you to give some thought to why this could be a defining moment that completely changes the trajectory of your life.If you’re asking yourself “why am I in this situation, this sucks? You’re going to need to shift your focus and ask yourself the question “How can I use this opportunity to take my life to the next level? If you do that you’ll find that dramatic positive change is inevitable.From the IBLP website at To defraud another person is to stir up in them desires that cannot be righteously satisfied.A woman can defraud a man by the way that she dresses, talks, or acts.

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