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So, put your Dragon Age and Wo W game on pause, and just join. Let us help you find an awesome date to take to the next Comic-Con.Thousands of singles have thanked us for helping them find that special someone.So, whether you're looking for friends, romance, love or marriage, Gk2gk will help match you up.Trump Singles says its goal is "making dating great again," a twist on Trump's own catchphrase "Make America great again."“I think there’s a special stigma when people say they’re supporting Trump, because of some of the brash things that he’s said,” Goss, an associate TV producer based in Santa Clarita, Calif., told the paper.“That immediately gets (projected) on his supporters, and it makes it hard for them when trying to date.”Trump Singles has attracted about 500 users, most of them in Washington, D.

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