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It's a phenomenon in exactly the same way the Game Boy was so long ago, a phenomenon that reminds you that, when it comes to playing games on the bus, in the bath, or in the back of the car, Nintendo absolutely knows what it's doing.

And now, with the release in Japan of yet another DS variant - this one has slightly bigger screens, gang!

Rasengan] New Touch Party Game [Touch Game Party] Nintendogs - Chihuahua & Friends Osu! Ouendan Pac'n Roll [Pac'n Ball] Pac-Pix Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney [Gyakuten Saiban - Yomigaeru Gyakuten] Ping Pals Pokemon Dash Pokemon Trozei! ] Polarium [Chokkan Hitofude] Power Pocket Koushien Puyo Pop Fever [Puyo Puyo Fever] (2SF) Puzzle Bobble DS Ridge Racer DS Rub Rabbits! Unmasked SD Gundam G Generation DS Simple DS Series Vol. Duel Monsters - Nightmare Troubadour] Zoo Keeper Zoo Tycoon DS [Zoo Tycoon - Doubutsuen wo Tsukurou!

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I got it all wrong at the time, but quite a lot of other people did too.

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Driller - Drill Spirits Nanostray [Danshaku] Naruto - Ninja Council 2 (European Version) [Naruto - Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu 3] Naruto - Path of the Ninja [Naruto RPG 2 - Chidori vs.

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Currently contains 89 sets of various formats from DS games released through October 2005.

Nintendo's handheld tech, on the other hand, always tended to resemble something that had just been decommissioned by a particularly unglamorous facet of the Russian military.

So, yes, I got it totally wrong: Rumours of the PSP's death have been greatly exaggerated, of course - it's still a nice machine with a growing library of decent titles - but the DS, meanwhile, is a phenomenon.

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