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Zoe Morgan is a "fixer" and the occasional lover of John Reese.

They meet when Reese and Finch help save her when The Machine gives them her number.

Zoe chose to take down Virtanen with the information Dana gathered because she knew a girl once whose situation "kind of reminds [her] of Dana", but also because they tried to kill her.

When she and Reese were captured, Zoe appeared to betray him with a kiss, but used the opportunity to slip him a paperclip so that he could escape his cuffs.

In 2011, when Zoe's number came up, Reese took a job as her driver to investigate.

Zoe was hired by Mark Lawson, the CFO of Virtanen Pharmaceuticals, to retrieve an incriminating recording, purportedly revealing an affair.

I suspect that my difficulties in getting my outline read were due to a lack of Hollywood connections, something I attribute entirely to the fact that I was seven.

Using her own sources, independent of Reese and Finch, Zoe figured out that the woman in the recording was Dana Miller, a former employee of Virtanen, who was going to blow the whistle regarding one of their drugs, and was killed before she could do so.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows boasts a large cast, but it’s not just filled with famous characters from the mythology of the reptilian heroes.The movie is also including a decent amount of cameos, like the New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony.Just like in the 1980s animated series, Judith Hoag’s April O’Neil in the first live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie was a TV reporter whose world was rocked when she learned this world contained four humanoid turtles who were badass martial artists.Getting mixed up between them and the Foot Clan, she developed a close connection with the Turtles and eventually became part of their family.

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